The best choice of making company in Toronto serves Toronto and Canada with the best self inking stamps
and rubber plated self inking stamps. Our flash stamps are the cheapest in Canada and whether rubber, plastic
dater or heavy duty dater stamps are your requirement we sell all online. We specializing in self inking stamp, date stamp, rubber stamp, address stamp & all custom made stamp. Heavy duty self inking stamp, MICR tone, MICR toner cartridge, business cheque, cheque binder, blank manual cheque paper, blank laser cheque paper
Heavy Duty Date Stamp
Copyright @ 2010 D & D Graphics Inc. We are specializing in all self inking stamps
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Cheque Paper (Paper ONLY, UNPRINTED)
100 pcs (50 sheets) $38
250 pcs (125 sheets) $75
500 pcs (250 sheest) $125
2. Two per sheet Hand Written Cheque
1. Laser (Computer) Cheque
100 pcs $30, 250 pcs $60, 500 pcs $95, 1000 pcs $155
Available: Green, Blue & Burgundy
Available: Green, Blue & Burgundy
3. Three up Manual Cheque Paper
(Standard Security Cheque)
(One copy only)
Laser Top Cheque
(9 security features with Hologram)
WSSP437, 9 Secueity Features with hologram
The product from this page
unprinted cheque paper,
those are blank cheque
100 pcs (25 sheets) $15
200 pcs (50 sheets) $25
400 pcs (100 sheest) $40
800 pcs (200 sheets) $69
4. Personal Cheque Paper (4 up)
WPP443, 7 Secueity Features without hologram
WP333, Advanced Secueity Features without hologram
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300 Chuque/100 sheet............$25
600 Chuque/200 sheet............$45
1500 Chuque/500 sheet..........$99